SWIPE —-> I have been told that Christianity is the “white man’s religion” and that it was created by slave owners to seduce Africans. They told me we need to divorce Christianity and return to our African roots of spirituality, the worship of ancestors, and the “true” deities that govern creation. This video recorded in Benin (the birthplace of voodoo and the type of witchcraft seen in Haiti and other African cultures) depicts parts of that African spirituality. I preached in Namibia, Africa earlier this year and personally ministered to people slithering like snakes on the ground looking to be FREED from African spirituality by the Power of Jesus Christ! They RAN to our crusade and to the altar for help......and they received it! #Jesus #Demons #Witchcraft #Deliverance #SpiritualWarfare (From the Nextflix Documentary “Dark Tourist”).
As a Co-Chair of Ward 24, it is always great to have our Mayor in the ward interacting with our constituents - but it was even more commendable to have the Mayor walk up to me and compliment me on the eulogy I preached for my uncle’s funeral. We honor and appreciate Mayor Toni Harp!!! #MayorToniHarp #ToniHarp #CityofNewHaven #NewHaven #Connecticut
SWIPE——-> Netflix Documentary “The Devil and Father Amorth.” Deals with demon possession and exorcism (deliverance). Very interesting how they trace specific symptoms and manifestations to validate one’s claims of demonic infestation. Based on the documentary, these manifestations around the exorcism are COMPLETELY involuntary and the demons are fearful of Christ, the Name of Jesus, and the atmosphere of worship. Seems much more like demon possession and deliverance in the bible. #demons #devils #deliverance #exorcism
Ackee & Saltfish. Yam. Dumpling. Banana. Thinking about Jamaica! When Bonitto was here I took him to Island Spice and he loved it. #RIPBonitto #AckeeandSaltfish #JamaicanFood #Jamaica

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